AF-EU-13026 | Securefish

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Projecttitel: Securefish
Projectnummer: AF-EU-13026
Kernthema: Gezond en Veilig
Looptijd: 2012 -2014
Projectleider: Paul Bartels
Kennisinstelling: Food & Biobased Research


Securefish: improving food and nutrional security by reducing post-harvest losses in the fisheries sector Objective of this project is to create more food and nutrional security in the fish chain for especially non-western countries while decreasing the negative impact on the environment, according to the idea of “2x more with 2x less”. In the international fishery sector about half of the caught fish is not eaten by the consumer. Improving the chain from boat to consumer table by using more sustainable processing tools will decrease this waste. Less waste will also improve the environment. Also the use of solar energy and enzymatic processes will improve the sustainability.

As a part of the European Union KBBE.2011.2.5-02 project “Securefish” International cooperation worldwide has been established to implement new sustainable processes and healthy products, such as valuable proteins, active peptides, vitamins and minerals. Improvement of drying technologies with high quality products will give a sustainable alternative at ambient temperature to the cold chain with perishable products. Resulting new equipment, processes and management tools will be used by small and medium sized companies (SME’s) worldwide, including in The Netherlands. Some of these SME’s are already involved.


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