AF-14222 | Printing/drying emulsions for high quality food ingredients

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Projecttitel: Printing/drying emulsions for high quality food ingredients
Projectnummer: AF-14222
Kernthema: Gezond en Veilig
Looptijd: 2015-2016
Budget publiek: € 184.000
Budget privaat: € 287.000
Projectleider: Edwin van den Eijnden
Projectpartners: TNO, Givaudan, DuPont, Bodec


Currently powders made for the food, feed and beverage industry are often being produced using spray drying systems. In the process a large variety of droplets are generated and dried. The drying parameters are set to dry the biggest droplets. Therefore the smaller droplets are exposed to a higher heat load than necessary. By producing a mono disperse droplet distribution, the industry can better tune their drying protocols accordingly and by doing so produce higher quality powder.

The goal is to generate mono disperse droplets of heat sensitive ingredients and subsequently dry these with appropriate heat load to dry the droplet to a powder. This should result in a higher powder quality.



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