AF-16187 | Novel dual species fermented dairy foods and formulas with enhanced functionality

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Projecttitel: Novel dual species fermented dairy foods and formulas with enhanced functionality
Projectnummer: AF-16187
Missie: Gewaardeerd, gezond en veilig voedsel
MMIP: Gezonde voeding, een makkelijke keuze (D2)
Looptijd: 2017 – 2020
Budget publiek: € 393.000
Budget privaat: € 392.000
Projectleider: Eddy Smid
Projectpartners: Danone, Wageningen University & Research

This fundamental research project will focus on the generation of new insights that support the development of dual-species fermented dairy foods and formulas delivering a profound effect on infant gut microbiome balance, alleviating symptoms of chronic disorders, and thereby improving early quality of life as well as later health by reducing the risk of noncommunicable diseases (NCD) with the concomitant impact on population health and health-care costs. The results of this project will create new market opportunities and applications for the food and potentially pharmaceutical industries. Knowledge of the microbial interactions in dual-species fermentations such as those used for the production of functional fermented dairy foods and powdered infant formulas is scarce and hampers the optimization functional product characteristics and the development of reliable and robust processing methods. The scientific and technical knowledge generated by this project will allow manufacturers of functional infant formulas to develop novel production strategies and next-generation health-promoting products with a significantly shorter time-to-market.

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