FNDM-130005 | Next generation mouth wash

admin2014, Kernthema Gezond en Veilig, MIT-projecten, Project

Projecttitel: Next generation mouth wash
Projectnummer: FNDM-130005
Kernthema: Gezond en Veilig
Looptijd: 2014-2015
Projectpartners: Glymur, ACTA Dental Research, Quay Pharma


Halitosis (bad breath) is a common complaint and a serious (social) problem of one third of the population. Bad breath in the oral cavity is caused by bacterial composition of organic material. Through the formation of bacterial by-products coating the tongue, volatile sulphur compounds (VSC) are a large reason for an unpleasant odour. Other contributing oral conditions are periodontitis, gingivitis, caries, etc.

Commercially available mouthwashes (like Listerine and CB12) are commonly used for the treatment of halitosis. The existing products do not cure the problem, it only temporarily masks the problem and creates others as well, to eventually help the problem getting bigger.

In this project the consortium would like to demonstrate that an innovative mouthwash is capable of significantly reducing the amount of VSC’s in a medium harbouring typical halitosis bacteria. It is also expected that the product will have a positive impact on reducing caries, periodontitis and gingivitis. In addition contributing in a positive way to NO synthese in the human body.

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