AF-15294 | Healthy bakery products

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Projecttitel: Healthy bakery products
Projectnummer: AF-15294
Kernthema: Gezond en Veilig
Looptijd: 2016-2017
Budget publiek: € 320.000
Budget privaat: € 320.000
Projectleider: Martijn Noort
Projectpartners: Koninklijke Peijnenburg B.V., Lotus Bakeries Corporate N.V.,TNO


Recent research in reformulation of bakery products resulted in physical guidelines for combined reduction of fat and sugar and enrichment with fibre, while maintaining product quality for application in cake and gingerbread. From a market point of view there is a desire to further improve the sensory perception of reformulated cake and gingerbread products. In particular, sensory attributes such as perception of freshness, crumb tenderness and cohesiveness, as opposed to dryness and crumbliness, are important quality attributes to maintain throughout product shelf-life. Furthermore, naturalness of the product in terms of ingredients used is an important aspect. Combining sensory perception with reformulation is a challenging task, which requires a scientific approach.


Rapportage  2016
Rapportage 2017

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