AF-15263 | Harness bacterial platform for mono- and diterpene production

admin2016, Kernthema Circulair, Project, TKI-projecten

Projecttitel: Harness bacterial platform for mono- and diterpene production
Projectnummer: AF-15263
Missie: Kringlooplandbouw
MMIP: Hergebruik zij- en reststromen (A3)
Looptijd: 2016 – 2019
Budget publiek: € 600.000
Budget privaat: € 600.000
Projectleider: Jules Beekwilder
Projectpartners:  Isobionics, MicCell Bioservices, Wageningen University & Research

Isobionics focuses to produce isoprenoids for the f&f market by making use of a biobased production platform. Isobionics has developed the production of valencene and nootkatone. TKI Agri&Food project AF-12141 contributed to this success. These products are accepted by the customers of Isobionics and the sales is increasing rapidly delivering a healthy margin per sold Kg to Isobionics. Valencene is a sesquiterpene belonging to the family of isoprenoids. Based upon the achievements in valencene, Isobionics develops the production and sales of additional sesquiterpenes (NOT part of this project proposal). The Isobionics production platform can further be extended to ether isoprenoids; mono-terpenes and di-terpenes, increasing the economic value of the platform tremendously. Even more, the produced fermentative f&f products can be converted into other products valuable to the f&f industry by an enzymatic oxidation process. For the Isobionics bio based production platform to be able to produce mono-terpenes and diterpenes, the basics of the platform have to be reviewed/rebuilt. To further boost the economic potential of the platform, oxidation techniques (e.g. using enzymes) will generate additional f&f products from the fermentative produced products. This project aims to – make the platform ready for these mono-terpenes and di-terpenes and – develop enzymatic oxidation techniques to boost the economic potential of the Isobionics production platform.


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