AF-15269 | Future Proteins

admin2016, Kernthema Gezond en Veilig, Project, TKI-projecten

Projecttitel: Future Proteins
Projectnummer: AF-15269
Missie: Gewaardeerd, gezond en veilig voedsel
MMIP: Gezonde voeding, een makkelijke keuze (D2)
Looptijd: 2016-2019
Budget publiek: € 1.445 400
Budget privaat: € 1.561 500
Projectleider: Harry Wichers
Projectpartners: BASF,  Cargill, Coöperate AVEBE U.A., Darling Ingredients, Lesaffre, Marlow Foods, PepsiCo, Roquette, Mimetas B.V., Nutricia Research, Proti-Farm R&D B.V., University of Utrecht, Wageningen University & Research

There is an urgent need for resource-efficiently produced proteins for inclusion in the human diet. Against a background of increasing global population, and increasing welfare, an increase in demand for protein supply can be anticipated. An optimal use of proteins from various sources, tuned for specific needs and demands, requires that such replacement is guided by science-based tools. In this project, focus will be on evaluation of value to currently used proteins in terms of their bio-functional properties.



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