AF-14314 | cLEAn-coaTings: Network formation of coatings to potato products

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Projecttitel: cLEAn-coaTings: Network formation of coatings to potato products
Projectnummer: AF-14314
Kernthema: Gezond en Veilig
Looptijd: 2015-2016
Budget publiek: € 267.000
Budget privaat: € 300.000
Projectleider: Martijn Noort
Projectpartners: Koninklijke Euroma B.V., Lamb Weston Meijer VOF, Avebe B.A., TNO.


There is a growing consumer demand for healthy and allergen free food products.Consumers increasingly look for food products made with familiar ingredients, those normally found in their own kitchen cupboards. This is the basis for a clean label. However, most common household ingredients lack specific functionality. Meanwhile, there is a growing consumer concern regarding the risk of food allergens, one of them being wheat. A significant group of consumers struggle with wheat allergy or gluten sensitivity. Since wheat ingredients are used in many food products, these consumers are limited in the consumption of all kind of food products. Potato products are in their origin free from wheat and are therefore fine for use by this group of consumers, but many seasoned frozen potato products often have a coating containing wheat which make these not suitable for these people.

Goal and approach:
The consortium partners seek to develop a gluten free and clean label batter for potato products. Gluten-free battered potato products that are already on the market are composed of label unfriendly ingredients. As the main functional ingredients of batters are wheat flour and chemically modified starches, replacing these ingredients without comprising quality aspects is a significant challenge and requires a science based approach which answers the following knowledge and innovation questions.


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