AF-12018 | Breed4Food

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Projecttitel: Breed4Food
Projectnummer: AF-12018
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Looptijd: 2012-2016
Budget publiek: € 3.349.000
Budget privaat: € 20.007.000
Projectleider: Lucia Kaal
Projectpartners: Cobb Europe, CRV, Hendrix Genetics Research, TOPIGS, Wageningen Research.


Binnen Breed4Food zijn er 3 sub programma’s met 7 research thema’s

Sub Program

Exploiting DNA information

Enabling new breeding goal traits

Added value in the food chain



Research Theme


  1. Optimal use of sequence information in breeding programs
  2. A common ICT infrastructure
  3. (A)cross breed genomic selection

  1. Improving resource efficiency
  2. Disease resistance and intestinal health

  1. Data from the production chain for sustainable animal production
  2. New products and services for the production chain



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