AF-18017 | Protein compass

Bert van Rees2019, Kernthema Gezond en Veilig, Project, TKI-projecten

Projecttitel: Protein compass
Projectnummer: AF-18017
Missie: Kringlooplandbouw
MMIP: Eiwitvoorziening voor humane consumptie uit (nieuwe) plantaardige bronnen (A4)
Looptijd: 2019 – 2022
Projectleider: Floor Boon
Betrokken partijen: DSM

The protein intake of humansis primarily animal based.From sustainability point of view, the resources required for animal protein production are too high, particularly in view of the current population growth and societal trends, such as increased standard of living. This calls for a transition from animal to plant based protein and therefore, for the development of new sustainable and healthy food products. A major challenge, however, is the lack of overview and predictability of the intrinsic functional, nutritional and sensorial properties of the protein raw materials, which hampers fast and successful identification of the best plant protein for a specific application.

The Protein Compass project targets to collect and generate a systematic overview of the characteristics of protein rich raw materials and protein isolates. This information is brought together in a database containing all relevant characteristics, including the future potential of the production chain and the economic viability, of the most promising plant protein sources. The database will contain publicly available information, retrieved by smart digital technologies, and newly generated data from standardized, preferably high throughput, methods to ensure reliability in comparing data from different sources.
This collection of data on the raw protein rich materials will be a start for a comprehensive tool for the food industry in which also other data like full nutritional content information, CO2 footprints, sustainability and examples for applications can be added to reach an efficient toolbox to support the industry in more effective and faster development of more sustainable food products.

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