AF-12506 | Utillisation of trace elements in animal diets

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Projecttitel: Utillisation of trace elements in animal diets
Projectnummer: AF-12506
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Looptijd: 2016-2017
Budget publiek: € 96.000
Budget privaat: € 96.000
Projectleider: Paul Bikker
Projectpartners: Animine SAS, Wageningen University Research.


The overall aim of this study is to better understand the absortion of dietary trace elements (e.g. CU. Zn, Fe) from the digestive tract of farm animals, the mechanisms involved and the interactions between trace elements.
For this aim, we will study the influence of prperties of trace elements on their absorption by enerocyte metal transporter proteins. Thjis will improve our scientific knowledge on interactions between dietary trace elements, expression of transporter proteins in the digestive tract and accumulation of trace elements in body tissues.

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