SMP-19057 | Establishing a horticultural innovation and education centre in Uzbekistan

Bert van ReesMissie D, Project, SMP-projecten, Tuinbouw, Uzbekistan

Project title: Establishing a horticultural innovation and education centre in Uzbekistan
Project number: SMP-19057
Requesting country: Uzbekistan
Year: 2019
Budget: € 40,000
Project leader: Irina Verweij-Novikova
Knowledge institute: Wageningen University & Research
Project partners: Ministry of Agriculture Uzbekistan, Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan Benelux, World Bank Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan counts over 30 million consumers and its size is 10 times bigger than the Netherlands, which means that it has a huge agricultural potential. In particular horticulture (open field and indoor vegetable and flower growing) is a sector where Uzbekistan has many possibilities, which leads to opportunities for Dutch suppliers of high value propagation material, modern technology and companies dealing with knowledge transfer and practical trainings. Important to mention is that international (financial) institutes have reserved budget for programs to develop the agricultural sector. For example, the World Bank reserved 500 million USD for the development of the horticultural sector. Besides products like genetics, machinery/equipment, glass greenhouses, storage and cooling facilities, sorting, packing and processing lines, there is a severe need in Uzbekistan for practical training. The Uzbek authorities at the highest level are focusing on the Netherlands concerning agricultural cooperation.

This project explores the possibilities for the establishment of a Horticultural Innovation and Education Centre in Uzbekistan. Dutch high value products and innovative technology could be shared and together with (partly) financial support of international (financial) institutions, education and practical trainings could be given to the management, growers and agronomists of horticultural premises.


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