AF-15208 | Science supported business initiatives to secure food and a profitable potato value chain in Myanmar

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Projecttitel: Science supported business initiatives to secure food and a profitable potato value chain in Myanmar
Projectnummer: AF-15208
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Looptijd: 2016 – 2019
Budget publiek: € 974.000
Projectleider: Annette Pronk
Projectpartners: Agro Food Cluster, Bayer, CAH Vilentum, Fresh Studio, Greve BV, Kiremko HLB BV, Netafim, OCI, Tolsma/Grisnich, Wageningen Research.


Myanmar (52 million inhabitants, 600,000 t of potato per annum grown on 40,000 ha) has a rapidly expanding potato sector. The crop is grown both as an important food crop for the growers and as an important cash crop for them and for traders, and together with tomato and onion an important vegetable for city dwellers. Yields are only 15 t/ha compared to 55 in the Netherlands because there are only few varieties, seed stocks are degenerated, soil health and fertility neglected, pest control rudimentary and quality is neglected in favour of price. The objectives of the project are to contribute to the transition of the market led potato value chain, from seed to market delivery to identify opportunities for improvement. Case studies are performed to develop innovative and scientifically sound solutions which, when proven adequate, are implemented to boost the potato value chain. The basic value chain components are: end user (consumers, processors) – traders – post harvest – growers –suppliers (seed, agrochemicals) – variety providers. The impact on society of an improved potato value chain will be the major contribution of the crop to food security as took place in neighbouring China and India. Doubling yields and area may result in a fourfold increase of production and value for growers still further enhanced by value addition through processing. Four distinct tasks will yield new knowledge on:

  • Current and future role of potato as a source of food and value in the upcoming economy
  • Characterization of propagation material of potato in the agro-ecological setting of Myanmar
  • Operational decision support systems to optimize the use of the resources: land, pesticides, minerals, energy and water
  • Insight in market demands, structure and pre-requisites of potato processing with a pilot plant

These R&D tasks are perfectly in line with the Innovation Contract: more efficient production, higher value and knowledge and market creation for participating Netherlands consortium partners also much useful for the Indian and Chinese markets. The resilience of the potato value chain is improved through science driven innovative and implemented improvements supported by the participating Netherlands partners.


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