AF-14297 | Romania – From 1 million up to 2.5 million tons of milk in 2020

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Projecttitel: Romania – From 1 million up to 2.5 million tons of milk in 2020
Projectnummer: AF-14297
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Looptijd: 2015-2018
Budget publiek: € 520.000
Budget privaat: € 673.000
Projectleider: Wim Zaalmink
Projectpartners: Agriworks, Beerepoot Agri, FrieslandCampina Romania, Lely East Sp. Uniform Agri, Wageningen Research

Development of a sustainable and competitive dairy chain in Romania. Challenge is to adapt Dutch technology and knowledge to local circumstances, in collaboration with Dutch companies, Wageningen UR, Romanian companies and stakeholders. Goal of the project is the development of a competitive dairy value chain in Romania. Characterised by professional family farms (50 – 150 dairy cows), a competitive cost price of milk, and ecological and economical sustainable farming practice. The milk quality reaches the international food safety standards. The base of this development is formed by the current 5,000 family farms with 20 – 150 dairy cows. These farms will be facilitated in this project to increase their production size and their management level. This will lead to a total increase in milk production of 1.5 million tonnes of milk on these farms in total. Collaboration between private companies, and knowledge institutes from the Netherlands, local Romanian organisations and government. This cooperation will be based on common interests (economic development of rural area, competitive dairy chain, capacity building farmers) and the way and content these partners can contribute to reach the defined goals. The project will work on 2 Dairy Development Centres at Brasov and Cluj with each 4 – 6 pilot farms. These farms will be selected from existing farms and will be advised and facilitated by local advisors in scaling up their production. Aimed products:

  • Insight in success and fail factors for scaling up to a sustainable dairy chain; good practices
  • Solutions for up scaling of farms
  • Collaboration of Dutch and Romanian organisations, leading to Agricultural Knowledge Innovation
  • Systems and a sustainable dairy chain.
  • Improved entrepreneurship of Romanian farmers
  • Communities of Practice of farmers and of advisors
  • Management software development and benchmarking tools


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