SMP-1417 | Professionalizing small scale pig farming in Eastern Europe – pilot Romania

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Projecttitel: Professionalizing small scale pig farming in Eastern Europe – pilot Romania
Projectnummer: SMP-1417
Kernthema: Resource Efficiency
Looptijd: 2014
Budget: € 35.000
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen UR
Projectpartners: De Heus Koudijs, Pro Agro, ProFeed, Van der Lee Stalinrichting, Van Rooi Meat.


Backyard and small scale farming is very common in Eastern European countries. Such farms perform poorly, are hardly linked to professional suppliers and buyers and are posing an epidemiological threat to local producers and to western European countries as well. These small scale farmers have little opportunity to invest in professional husbandry systems.

A conceptual approach is proposed to professionalize their production system. Supported by a micro financing system, backyard farmers can purchase closed housing systems, they are linked into a supply chain supplying quality feed and buying the produced animals for processing and sale. The entire system, including micro-financing, the supply chain model and the technical equipment should be developed.

This pilot is to assess the feasibility and sustainability of such a system for farmers and the central and local governments, to interest a financing organisation, to interest supply chain partners to set up a common supply chain and to make a first attempt to set up a simple and affordable housing system for just a few animals.



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