SMP-16013 | International Poultry Expertise Centre (IPEC) for safe food production, part I – OneHealth focus

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Projecttitel: International Poultry Expertise Centre (IPEC) for safe food production, part I – OneHealth focus
Projectnummer: SMP-16013
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Looptijd: 2016
Budget: € 50.000
Projectleider: Ton Snellen
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen UR
Projectpartners: BBS Food, Dorset, Fancom, Food Polis, Gemeente Barneveld, GD Health, Iksan City, Impex, Oost NV, Poultry Expertise Centre, PTC+, Rural Development Agency, Schothorst Feed Research.


Frequent bird flu outbreaks in the last 10 years have caused billions won damages. Improving public and animal health is on top of the Korean government’s agenda.

Bird flu spreads in the air, through contacts and with manure. Proper farm management with the Dutch whole chain approach, best practices and standards, together with effective training of farmers and public could largely contain and limit outbreaks. These improvements in hygiene management also will contribute to elimination of antibiotics from the food chain . Such improved standards improve food safety and quality, as well as overall health of animal, people and the environment.

Intensive livestock production in S. Korea still lags behind the Netherlands. In that sense, there are ample opportunities for Dutch companies.

With the recent MoU between Barneveld and Iksan cities to set up an International Poultry Expertise Centre (IPEC), newly developed collaboration projects between Wageningen UR Livestock Research (WLR) and Korean Rural Development Agency (RDA), this SMP connects the two initiatives and serves as implementation plan to set up IPEC to assist Korean local poultry production to achieve the higher Dutch standards of efficient ,high value-adding intensive farming with animal welfare, health, reduced emissions and responsible antibiotics use, to ensure food safety and improved OneHealth.

With its recent FTA with China and strategic location, IPEC in S. Korea will serve as a good show case and center to radiate export of knowledge and products to the whole Asian markets. The coming years, with the good start and results of this SMP, we will aim for an IPEC Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) project with extended OneFood and OneMarket focus, gradually enlarging the consortium.



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