AF-16174 | Energy evaluation of fish feeds

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Projecttitel: Energy evaluation of fish feeds
Projectnummer: AF-16174
Missie: Gewaardeerd, gezond en veilig voedsel
MMIP: Veilige en duurzame primaire productie (D3)
Looptijd: 2017 – 2020
Projectleider: Johan Schrama
Betrokken partijen: De Heus Animal Nutrition,  Evonik Nutrition & Care, Wageningen University & Research

In terms of feed formulation/evaluation, the aquaculture sector is running behind compared to farm animals. Eg the pig sector applies the net energy evaluation (NE) sytems already sinces decades, which is a prerequisite for precision feeding. In fish gfeed formulation, energy is only evaluated with respect to digestibility, thereby omitting potential differences of the different macronutrients affecting/stimulating growth. Currently, a diversification of ingredients in fish feeds is taken place due to the growth of the sector and the increasing price and the decreasing availibility of fish meal and oli. An NE approach in fish feed formulation that takes into account the dietary macronutrient composition will therefore improve current feed practices in aquaculture contributing to amongst others: improved resource-use efficiency and less waste production/environmental impact, thereby improving water quality and welfare of fish and as a result the total profitability of the sector. The project aims to develop NE evaluation systems for different species of fish, which are currently lacking and to enable the implementationof these NE systems intof feed formulation.


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