AF-15211 | COnsuMer acceptance of Bio-based food packaging

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Projecttitel: COnsuMer acceptance of Bio-based food packaging, (COMBO)
Projectnummer: AF-15211
Kernthema: Consument en Maatschappij
Looptijd: 2016 – 2018
Budget publiek: € 391.000
Budget privaat: € 486.000
Projectleider: Christiaan Bolck en Marieke Meeusen
Projectpartners:  Happy Goat, KIDV, Lingehof, Mars Nederland, Nestlé, Refresco, Wageningen University & Research.

Samenvatting Background: Bio-based packaging for food offers great opportunities for manufacturers and retailers of food products to move towards more sustainable products and strengthen their brand and their position in the market. Aim: Support the food industry and the food packaging industry with knowledge about technical possibilities, consumer needs and impacts on brands, sustainability scores to facilitate strategic decisions about the type of bio-based packaging to be used in the food product categories juices & still water, coffee, chocolate and cheese. More specific in COMBO we want to:

  1. to improve the available tools that can convert consumer desires into product functionalities and apply them to develop bio-based packaging concepts.
  2. use projective techniques in qualitative and quantitative research – as a method which helps to (better) understand (the effect of) emotions.
  3. answer the question which (pro-environmental) aspects of bio-based (packages) play a role in the evaluation of bio-based packages and their brands and what factors determine the perception and buying behaviour of bio-based packaging of food products.
  4. quantify the contribution to people planet and profit of the bio-based food packaging concepts developed within COMBO.
  5. apply an ex ante approach to quantify the contribution of specific bio-based food packaging’s
  6. answer the question what role does the communication source/ parent company play in the evaluation of bio-based packages and their brands and how to communicate about bio-based.
  7. give a broad but realistic image of the opportunities of bio-based materials in packaging application.
  8. make artists impressions, mock ups and prototype products to demonstrate the look and feel of bio-based food packaging concepts.

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