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Projecttitel: CIS FOOD
Projectnummer: AF-15285
Kernthema: Consument en Maatschappij
Looptijd: 2016 – 2019
Budget publiek: € 200.000
Budget privaat: € 190.000
Projectleider: Koen Boone
Projectpartners: Aldi Inkoop, Cooperatieve Inkoopvereniging Superunie,  FNLI,  Stichting Alliantie Verduurzaming Voedsel, Wageningen University & Research.


The goal of this project is the development and application of a standardised sustainability prioritisation and improvement system, targeted to the Dutch food supply chain, in which leading tools are integrated and by means of which programs can be measured. The core of the system is a globally standardised tool so that the important import and export flows in the Netherlands can be fully integrated. The system will be made applicable for both Sustainable Food Alliance (AVV – Alliantie Verduurzaming Voedsel) on a sectoral level and all companies involved in the Dutch supply chain, to create a management cycle of continuous improvement in sustainability. In this way, it will make food more sustainable and will be a way to operationalise the sustainability ambitions of the AVV.

The integration of sustainability into the purchasing policy of organisations at the end of the supply chain, is crucial to create a strong pull for sustainable products. These organisations (like retailers, catering, hospitality sector organisations and also some food processors) often have a broad ranche of product categories. If they want to improve on sustainability, they have to work with tens of different standards and tools that all individually may help to solve part of the bigger issue, but do not lead to a consistent overarching approach. This makes it very challenging for them to develop a consistent, efficient and pro-active system of continuous improvement. For AVV this problem is most severe giving their broad coverage. Therefore a globally applicable tool (TSC) is adapted for the needs of the Dutch food supply chains and AVV. The most important hotspots are identified and prioritised, existing tools and measures that address these hotspots are identified and integrated into the overarching tool, the indicators are adepted for use in the Netherlands, for new user groups (catering and hospitality sector and for monitoring on national nevel. Lastly the tool is intensively piloted in the Dutch supply chain.

The project will lead to more sustainable products in the Dutch supply chain over all food categories and therefore contribute to many policy goals of the Dutch government. This wilt not only lead to a Dutch agrosector that is much better in line with the opinion of its stakeholders, but wilt also create economic opportunities on the export market. Since the system is fit for global use, an improved sustainability performance will also be acknowledged and rewarded in most important export markets. Standardisation and integration of sustainability tools wilt save significant costs over the full supply chain, The resulting monitoring system will result in huge potential on company, product category, sector and AVV level for evaluation on the impact on key sustainability issues of all kind of innovations.


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