AF-EU-15001 | Biotrade2020+

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Projecttitel: Biotrade2020+
Projectnummer: AF-EU-15001
Kernthema: Circulair
Looptijd: 2015 – 2016
Projectleider: Gert-Jan Nabuurs
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen Research


The main aim of Biotrade2020+is to provide guidelines for the development of a European Bioenergy Trade Strategy that ensures that imported bio-resources are sustainably sourced and used in an efficient way, while avoiding distortion of other (non-energy) markets. Time line is until and beyond 2020, up to 2030.  The aim is to analyse the potentials (technical, economical and sustainable) and assess key sustainability risks of the full chain of current and future lignocellulosic biomass and bioenergy carriers (with the main focus on wood chips, pellets, and residues of agro products) from the major sourcing regions of the world (Canada, US, Latin America, Russia, etc.) to the EU. An evaluation of their production and distribution costs, market prices, competition with food and fibre industry, main actors involved and sustainability profiles will be provided.  This project provides support to enhance the use of stable, sustainable, competitively priced and resource-efficient flows of imported feedstocks to the EU. Thus reducing the sustainability risks of imported feedstock for bioenergy.



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