SMP-1419 | Agrologistics and post-harvesting Brazil

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Projecttitel: Agrologistics and post-harvesting Brazil
Projectnummer: SMP-1419
Kernthema: Resource Efficiency
Looptijd: 2014
Budget: € 35.000
Projectleider: Henry Boerrigter
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen UR
Projectpartners: Incotec Brazil, Veiling Holambra.


Brazil is one of the BRIC countries showing a rapid growth of GDP over the last 10 years, a fast growing and demanding middleclass and a tremendous interest into advancing in logistics of agri/food products, now one of the major bottlenecks.

This growth creates challenges visible in the post-harvest and logistic system in Brazil: unreliable supply of products, unreliable quality of products quality losses and substantial waste.

This coincides with weak ties between the actors in the value chain, weak standards for logistics and economic losses. More specifically, knowledge on these matters is lacking.

The horticultural sector in Brazil is faced with three huge challenges:
1. Availability of quality products of fresh and processes vegetables and plants/flowers,
2. Quality preservation in the value chain after harvesting and
3. Knowledge and competencies to improve the agrologistics and post harvesting processes in the value chain.

In 2013 a seminar was organized by Brazilian and Wageningen UR partners to discuss the challenges in the horticultural fresh and processed sectors. Based on that event a Brazilian work group ( see 3.2) was established to assess the opportunities for installing a broad program for collaboration with Dutch private sector and WageningenUR and, as the final objective, to install a knowledge centre. All partners agreed to focus on improving the value chain in horticulture, creating an network of excellence culminating into a knowledge centre for innovation and capacity building. Together with the agricultural counsellor for Brazil it was concluded that one of the most pressing themes to focus on in the value chain would have to be agrologistics and post-harvest technology.



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