SMP-1404 | Africa Silaga

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Projecttitel: Africa Silaga
Projectnummer: SMP-1404
Kernthema: Resource Efficiency
Looptijd: 2014
Budget: € 35.000
Projectleider: Marnix Poelman 
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen UR
Projectpartners: Habo Tuna Factory, ProZee, Rainbow Fish, SELKO.


The group of companies lack adequate insight in best practice on fish silage production, preservation, utilisation and marketing in (local and regional) agri- and aquaculture. Also the required research agenda to come to an economically sustainable and socially relevant implementation of fish silage use in East Africa needs to be developed (and financed). Developments will primarily serve a regional outreach focussing on Somalia, while activities will be performed in Kenya or Ethiopia (depending on the possible contributions of local partners). Aquaculture input is requested from IMARES Animal Production input is requested from Wageningen UR Livestock Research.

A small contribution on fish silage processing is requested from Food and Biobased Research Coordination of the scientific input and local partner search is requested from IMARES

Fish processing results in potential losses of protein sources in by-products (eg. Frames, cutting waste and guts). The utilisation of these by products for manufacturing of fish silage is one of the solutions to provide an economically relevant protein source for agriculture and aquaculture. Knowledge of the best use of these by-products under local and regional conditions in Africa is needed to prepare an adequate business strategy for fish silage manufacturing, and marketing/distribution. The input sector (Tuna & sardine processing) is available in Somalia (in the partnership), whereas the utilisation sector is available in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya.

The project strives to produce a business plan for fish silage production for implementation of a regional solution on a fish processing site (tuna & sardine processing in Somalia). This business plan includes a business strategy as well as a research and dissemination program for the development of fish silage use. The aim of the seed money project is to review the best available knowledge on fish silage production and its use in aquaculture and agriculture applications. This will be supported with field visits, local research partner searches and the development of an implementable research plan.

Fish silage production is targeted in Somalia, while aquaculture and Wageningen UR Live stock research is planned to be set up in Kenya and Ethiopia respectively. The project strives to develop a suitable strategy and knowledge for implementation in the region of East Africa (Kenya, and Ethiopia), with a pilot process in Somalia. Therefore the research and dissemination agenda is planned in the region, and not directly in Somalia.



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