AF-EU-15025 | Adaptation and Mitigation through Bio-Succinate Innovation (ADMIT Bio-SuccInnovate)

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Projecttitel: Adaptation and Mitigation through Bio-Succinate Innovation (ADMIT Bio-SuccInnovate)
Projectnummer: AF-EU-15025
Kernthema: Circulair
Looptijd: 2015 – 2017
Projectleider: Lolke Sijtsma
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University & Research


Lignin is a major biomass constituent (15-30% DW) that provides firmness and rigidity
to plants. The amount of lignin produced each year in the pulp and paper industry is approximately 50 million tons, of which only 2% is being used for the production of chemicals, while 98% is used as fuel for electricity and heat production. For value added applications of lignin (binders, fibres, polymers, green chemicals such as aromatics, polymer building blocks), the current level of lignin purity is insufficient. In many biomass pre-treatment processes, the lignin fraction still contains impurities such as residual carbohydrates, ash, proteins, extractives, microbial residues. Most applications tolerate these impurities only at low concentration levels.

DLO-FBR analysed available lignin from projectpartners,  removed protein and carbohydrate contaminants by enzymatic treatment, started enzymatic modification of lignin in order to improve it’s functionality,  purified lignin via fractionation steps and performed first tests to produce PUR foam at labscale with purified fractions.



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