SMP-23022 | Nutrifoods

Bert van ReesProject, Uganda

Projecttitel: Nutrifoods
Projectnummer: SMP-23022
Land: Uganda
Looptijd: 2023
Budget: € 40.000
Projectleider: Martijn Noort
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University & Research

The Netherlands is in the center of bakery technology and knowledge. In view of the current market dynamics with high wheat and fuel prices, the bakery industry is required to further innovate their business models and technologies. This is as true for the Dutch & European market, as for the African market, where food affordability is even a more urgent topic.

In the Nutrifoods projects a consortium has created a prove of concept of replacing wheat in bread products with locally produced climate resilient crops in Uganda, ready to be scaled up with the use of Dutch technologies and knowledge.

The aim of the SMP is to set up a large program on climate resilient crops to replace wheat in bread products, in Uganda (and broader Africa) to make the food system more climate resilient and food more nutritious and affordable, for Europe for the high-end markets for gluten-free and more nutritious products. This project will strengthen the position of the Netherlands as innovator in the bakery sector and its earning capacity.

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