SMP-23021 | Next Level Dutch Greenhouse business in China with AI (NL_Greenhouse+AI)

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Projecttitel: Next Level Dutch Greenhouse business in China with AI (NL_Greenhouse+AI)
Projectnummer: SMP-23021
Land: China
Looptijd: 2023
Budget: € 40.000
Projectleider: Anna Petropoulou
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University & Research

Since 2021, China became the largest export market for Dutch greenhouse technology/products/ service providers. Dutch greenhouse technology is highly appreciated in China with more than 60 Dutch horticultural companies being present. Nevertheless, the lack of skilled labor in managing and running greenhouse operations in Chinese ground, often limits the potential and adoption of Dutch technologies while hindering the expected results and success of high-tech projects.

This projects aims to explore the AI-supported growing technologies application in emerging markets such as China.

Download here the final presentation

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