SMP-23007 | Processing and application of wood vinegar

Bert van ReesDuitsland, Project

Projecttitel: Processing and application of wood vinegar
Projectnummer: SMP-23007
Land: Germany
Looptijd: 2023
Budget: € 40.000
Projectleider: Johan van Groenestijn
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University & Research

Pyrolysis is a way to utilize biomass residues. Wood vinegar is a co-product of pyrolysis oil in pyrolysis of woody (lignocellulosic) biomass residues from agriculture and forestry. A good application for this stream has not been found yet. Moreover, applications are hampered by the high water content of the vinegar.

In the project we will determine the composition of the wood vinegar and try forward osmosis as a way to remove water from the vinegar. Using the new information a brainstorm will be organized to find applications (in particular in agriculture). BTG Bioliquids (NL) is worldwide frontrunner in pyrolysis with potential clients in Germany and Wafilin (NL) is developer and supplier of forward osmosis equipment using German membranes. WFBR will carry out the R&D. These three partners will create a German/Dutch consortium to submit a larger R&D project.

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