SMP-2224 | Understanding and improvement of coffee fermentation

Bert van ReesKenya, Project

Projecttitel: Understanding and improvement of coffee fermentation
Projectnummer: SMP-2224
Land: Kenia
Looptijd: 2022
Budget: € 40.000
Projectleider: Paulo de Boer
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University & Research

This project is aimed at forming a consortium that will perform a feasibility study to elucidate the process of coffee fermentation and its influence on coffee quality. To this end, two site visits to a local coffee production area in Kenya, Africa are foreseen where fermentation samples will be taken for microbial analysis. The microbial data will be combined with a general analysis of flavour compounds and linked to coffee quality. This provisional insight will serve as the starting point for future work where the focus will be on directing coffee fermentation to ensure constant quality output. Constant coffee quality will enable a stable income for coffee farmers not only in Kenya, but the knowledge can be applied worldwide. In addition, less coffee will be lost due to failed quality parameters.

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