SMP-2203 | Hot Climate Breeder House

Bert van ReesFilipijnen, Project

Projecttitel: Hot Climate Breeder House
Projectnummer: SMP-2203
Land: Filipijnen
Looptijd: 2022
Budget: € 40.000
Projectleider: Rick van Emous
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University & Research

The demand for poultry meat in the Philippines has grown considerably during the last decade. Broiler breeder production in the Philippines is still mainly situated in traditional broiler breeder houses with outdated management. These circumstances negatively affected welfare, health and production.
This project focused on the introduction of state of the art housing systems with optimal health, welfare friendly, bio-secure and production for broiler breeders in (sub)tropical countries. Dutch companies, active in the poultry industry have a lot of experience and knowledge on this specific area. In collaboration with the Philippines partner, who have the experience of housing broiler breeders under tropical conditions, a novel broiler breeder house will be developed and in a follow-up trajectory realized in the Philippines.

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