SMP-19055 | Turning Food Waste in Singapore into Animal Feed

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Project title: Turning Food Waste in Singapore into Animal Feed
Project number: SMP-19055
Requesting country: Singapore
Year: 2019
Budget: € 40,000
Project leader: Peter Smeets
Knowledge institute: Wageningen University & Research
Project partners: Nijsen-Granico, Wageningen MFC, Citizen Farm Singapore, SAFEF, Malaysian Investment and Development Agency, Royal Netherlands Embassy in Singapore

Singapore imports 90% of its food demand and is implementing a national food security strategy to reduce this dependency from other countries. It has a well-developed food processing industry that is turning imported raw materials into consumer products. At the moment the level of food waste production is high (around 140 kg/person). The Singaporean government is looking into opportunities to reduce its dependency on imports by increasing production of primary products of agriculture within its borders as well as to reduce the amount of food waste and where this cannot be avoided to (re)use it as source for animal feed or fuel.

Wageningen University & Research and Wageningen MFC have been looking for opportunities to apply the concept of Metropolitan Food Clusters in Singapore over the last decade, and have built a considerable network with local entrepreneurs in agri and food and with the government. Nijsen/Granico uses the waste streams from human food processing chains such as bakeries to produce components for animal feed. It is looking for opportunities to expand its business in Southeast Asia by setting up joint ventures for animal feed production with local partners as well as by valuation of its knowledge.

This project has the ambition to investigate the market potential in Singapore as well as in the surrounding countries of using the rest- and byproducts from industrial pre consumption food production chains as a source to produce animal feed for poultry, fish and other livestock industry and to create an international consortium to enter into this market.



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