SMP-HT-1620 | Remote Agriculture: Intelligence for Global Crop Management

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Projecttitel: Remote Agriculture: Intelligence for Global Crop Management
Projectnummer: SMP-HT-1620
Kernthema: Slimme Technologie
Looptijd: 2016
Budget: € 46.000
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen UR
Projectpartners: Rocklane Development BV, DACOM B.V., Wireless Value B.V., SensorTagSolutions BV, Studio Wolf Design


While industrialized countries produce crops at high yields using precision agriculture and high-tech greenhouses, low- or mid-tech growers world-wide have limited knowledge and grow under marginal conditions (f.i. drought), having lower yields. Our long-term goal is to let growers world-wide have access to high-tech tools and expertise in order to achieve a sustainable higher production making them more competitive. The Internet of Things (sensors) and the smart phone can bring “expert knowledge” within reach of such farms. Big Data processing and Deep-Learning can disclose aggregated knowledge from science and real-time cloud data in order to advise farmers on how to optimize crop management. A cloud-based advisory service gives rapid and on-site access to all data needed for integrated plant production. In the PPP we will develop simple, customised to farmer group knowledge levels, and affordable hard- and software tools for farmer use based on innovative high-tech concepts, aggregated cropping knowledge in cloud-based databases, and advisory services based on deep learning and models for crop, water and fertiliser and pest management. Target groups are (emerging) mid- and low-tech growers having access to internet and who jointly contribute data and information, as well as advisors and companies that may develop new business models for a remote service.

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