SMP-16036 | Personalized Nutrition & Health in China

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Projecttitel: Personalized Nutrition & Health in China
Projectnummer: SMP-16036
Kernthema: Resource Efficiency
Looptijd: 2016
Budget: € 50.000
Projectleider: Lucas Noldus & Liesbeth Luijendijk
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University Research
Projectpartners: COFCO Digital Health Technology,  COMVEE,  I3BQuisper Foundation,  ICT for Brain-Body & Behavior, Noldus Information Technology BV Sense Health BV,
VitalinQ, Xiamen ET Biotech, Ltd., Zhejiang Gongshang University,  Zhejiang University Hospital.


In urban China, like in other modern societies, health related welfare issues are growing. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, child obesity and food allergies are increasingly common. At the same time, more and more Chinese are aware of the possibility to take an active role in their lifestyle. This awareness combined with modern ICT-technology and customised food products offer a unique opportunity to empower the more and more digitalized Chinese consumers to influence their personal health in a positive way.

The question of this consortium is whether the knowledge gathered in the Intelligent Consumer Systems and the Personalised Health & Nutrition public-private partnerships, in combination with available ICT technologies, food data, and food chain knowledge can be used to open up the Chinese potential for personalised health advice, and if so, how this can lead to profitable business for the partners involved.



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