NWO-12003 | Optimizing light-harvesting with directed evolution

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Projecttitel: Optimizing light-harvesting with directed evolution
Projectnummer: NWO-12003
Kernthema: Resource efficiency
Looptijd: 2013 – 2016
Projectleider: Prof. dr. R.G.M. Croce
Kennisinstelling: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


The aim of the project is to produce plants that make better use of their growth light in non-natural conditions, by optimizing the pigment-protein complexes responsible for light harvesting. An example of a plant that can benefit from this approach is tomato, which grows in greenhouses supplemented with non-natural light. The possibility to obtain plants that make better use of the available light will have the double advantage of decreasing both energy usage and light pollution.

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