SMP-1513 | Mexico Cold Chain Pilot Program

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Projecttitel: Mexico Cold Chain Pilot Program
Projectnummer: SMP-1513
Kernthema: Resource Efficiency
Looptijd: 2015
Budget: € 50.000
Projectleider: Nina Waldhauer
Kennisinstelling:  Wageningen University & Research
Projectpartners: Fresh Food Technology,  Global Green Team,  Mexicultura, SAGARPA, VDH in Control,  Vellekoop & Meesters.


The target group are Dutch agribusiness companies (agro-logistics, information management, cold storage technology and agricultural technology supplies) with true capabilities, especially in coherently managing the subsequent links in the agri-food chain and are willing to invest in building a position in Mexico. Some companies have already some experience in doing business in Mexico. Others are just starting up. The Mexican National Agrologistics Program offers a great opportunity to create a business connection with Dutch companies.

The innovation and knowledge requirements of the Dutch agribusiness companies are to become acquainted with the Mexican agricultural development and policies in the coming years, to know the relevant Mexican agricultural supply systems for them and to contact the right business partners and clients and to hear their needs and requirements for business development.



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