SMP-17016 | Livestock waste is gold

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Projecttitel: Livestock waste is gold
Projectnummer: SMP-17016
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Land: China
Looptijd: 2017
Budget: € 40.000
Projectleider: Epi Postma
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University Research
Projectpartners: Agrifirm Plant BV, B&E BV, Chinese company World Farming, Chinese institute Heilongjiang AnimalHusbandry Main Station Deputy station, Nijhuis Water Technology BV, Veenhuis BV.


Heilongjiang is the most important livestock and food production province in China. In many cases large scale livestock farms in Heilongjiang are not connected to arable farms in the area with sufficient arable fields to use livestock waste for crop fertilizing and soil improvement.

A lack of standards and legislation has now caused a distribution problem in which livestock waste has become a serious problem in Heilongjiang for the environment, public health and public image of the livestock industry.

In addition, arable farmers in Heilongjiang could significantly reduce use of synthetic fertilizers if livestock waste was used for fertilization and soil improvement. This would contribute to Heilongjiang’s strategy towards ‘green and organic’ food production.

On top of this, alfalfa feed for dairy cows is often imported from overseas, which makes livestock production in Heilongjiang less sustainable. Local production of grass and/or alfalfa would contribute to Heilongjiang’s strategy towards ‘local feed for local cows’; growing these crops will also enable spreading livestock waste on these fields during the entire growing season, which also contributes to solving the livestock waste problem.

Above problems are related and require an integral approach in Heilongjiang to reconnect livestock and arable farms in order to achieve a sustainable agrifood business in Heilongjiang.

The Netherlands has worldwide leading knowledge and innovative technology in livestock waste recycling. This problem in Heilongjiang is a good opportunity for a consortium of leading Dutch companies and knowledge centers to demonstrate in a pilot project in Qiqihar its combined knowledge and innovative technology to create various business opportunities for Dutch livestock waste distribution, spreading and innovative processing technologies in Heilongjiang and other areas in China.



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