SMP-1502 | In2Poultry

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Projecttitel: In2Poultry
Projectnummer: SMP-1502
Kernthema: Resource Efficiency
Looptijd: 2015
Budget: € 50.000
Projectleider: Adriaan Vernooij 
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University & Research
Projectpartners: Fulco BV,  Jansen Livestock Equipment,  Meyn BV,  Pas Reform BV,  Protix Biosystems BV,  Van Aarsen Equipment BV.


  • How can a cage based housing system best be changed to a colony free range system under Indian Agro Park circumstances
  • How can the chain become completely vertically integrated and clustered on one site?
  • How can an insect production line be included in an integrated poultry chain?
  • What changes are necessary in chicken feed when insects are included?
  • Which bio-products outside the human food system are available for insect production?
  • How can insects and insect based products contribute to feed provision of poultry production?
  • What are the business opportunities for an integrated poultry chain, including insects, in India?



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