SMP-HT-1606 | From grass to glass

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Projecttitel: From grass to glass
Projectnummer: SMP-HT-1606
Kernthema: Slimme Technologie
Looptijd: 2016
Budget: € 30.000
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen UR
Projectpartners: LTO-Noord, ZLTO, Agrifirm, Zuivel NL, Stichting SDF, TU/E, TNO, NLR, Cosine

It is expected that dairy chains can be made much more sustainable, transparent and responsive with the use of real-time data in combination with tailored decision support models, data-infrastructures and innovative big data analysis technology. Components of the chain are precision farming of grass and maize, optimization of feed efficiency, feed and milk production estimation, logistic and processing optimization, and consumer-chain interaction. Starting point is the proposed sensor network advisory system Grass Maize-Signal which is a widely accepted concept by farmers and agricultural advisers but must be understood and developed by the necessary ICT partners and sensor developers. The grass-maize concept will be expanded with the cow related activities on grazing and feed efficiency of grass and roughage. Activities to build the PPP are focused on expanding the network of stakeholders, processors and end users to set up a consortium of project partners and on achieving a common approach to get a picture of the desired end result. To realise this picture an inspirational video will be made to visualize the needed knowledge support of dairy farmers and to animate the functioning of the sensor network advisory system. The result of this proposal will be used as a start up to realise Grass Maize Feed-Signal. Within the context of the present PPP call TKI Agri & Food a proposal will be presented.

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