SMP-16028 | Exploring possibilities to strengthen the Iranian dairy chain

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Projecttitel: Exploring possibilities to strengthen the Iranian dairy chain
Projectnummer: SMP-16028
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Looptijd: 2016
Budget: € 45.000
Projectleider: Jan Bles
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen UR
Projectpartners: CRV, FrieslandCampina.


Iran has a tradition in dairy. The Iranian dairy sector has to deal with a number of challenges. Availability of water is one of the main issues; this has a big impact e.g. on feed production and feed availability and therefore also on the costs of production. Efficient use of resources will be critical for the strengthening and further development of the Iranian dairy sector. Also in the fields of animal health and breeding improvement is needed. There’s also a need for improvement of milk quality and farm management. The consumption of dairy products in Iran is expected to increase; this will make the challenges for the sector even more urgent.

The challenges Iran is facing seem to fit in with the strengths of the Dutch dairy sector. The Dutch dairy sector has always had a strong focus on efficient production, because of the limited area of the land that is available combined with strict environmental regulations to avoid negative impacts of the production. The dairy sector has a long tradition in improving and guaranteeing milk quality not just on the dairy farm but throughout the whole dairy chain from grass to glass.

The embassy of the Netherlands in Teheran strongly supports this project and will provide the project partners with information and will liaison with the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture.



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