SMP-17006 | Development and dissemination of sustainable pig development strategies in India

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Projecttitel: Development and dissemination of sustainable pig development strategies in India
Projectnummer: SMP-17006
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Land: India
Looptijd: 2017
Budget: € 40.000
Projectleider: Johannes Drees
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University Research
Projectpartners: Animal Health Service, Arohan, De Heus, Hendrixgenetics, ICCO India, Netherland Agro Food Technology Centre, Netherlands Embassy India, Protix.


The pig sector in India is a relatively small livestock sector from a national perspective, but the most important livestock sector in several parts of the country. In these areas, there is a growing demand for pork due to the increased per capita income, urbanization and changes in lifestyle and food habits. Much of this demand is met from imports from e.g. Myanmar. Despite the significant potential for pigs to contribute to the improvement of livelihoods there have been no systematic studies of the pig sub-sector that can aid the design of effective development programs in the region.

The pig industry in India also has business potential, given a pork-consuming population of about 80 million. In the 12th Five Year plan the Indian government would like to stimulate human consumption of animal proteins from 10gram/day to 25gram/day. Pork is seen as a high potential industry able to contribute to these human health related ambitions of the National government.



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