SMP-HT-1618 | Developing smart climate control systems for livestock houses

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Projecttitel: Developing smart climate control systems for livestock houses
Projectnummer: SMP-HT-1618
Kernthema: Slimme Technologie
Looptijd: 2016
Budget: € 41.000
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen UR
Projectpartners: Stienen Bedrijfselektronica, TU/E

Present climate control systems are not smart and not flexible. This causes animals within livestock houses to be often outside their thermal comfort zone, especially heat stress is a big problem, and they often have to deal with poor air quality (especially in winter time at low ventilation rates). Present climate control systems only use very little information to control the indoor climate (generally only indoor temperature). More and more data become available that can be used as input for improving the indoor climate, e.g. the weight and feed intake of the animals, and the outdoor climate. Based on these inputs the climate requirement of the animals can be estimated more accurate and the climate control system can anticipate on present and predicted outside weather conditions. Furthermore, heating and cooling systems can be plugged in for better climate control. Additional parameters should be measured to check whether the realized climate is working as it should, e.g. a behavioural parameter like lying pattern. It should be kept in mind, however, that although climate control systems should become smarter the use of the system by the end-user should become more simple.

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