SMP2105 | Cowdung-based biobased composites for sustainable products

Bert van ReesIndia, Missie A, Project

Projecttitel: Cowdung-based biobased composites for sustainable products
Projectnummer: SMP2105
Land: India
Looptijd: 2021
Budget: € 40.000
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University & Research

Both India and the Netherlands are traditionally agrarian nations with a big dairy and livestock sector. Both countries have surplus dung that lead to many environmental and economic issues like GHG emissions, nitrates and phosphates pollute the groundwater, and burden on farmers to reduce their capacities. The team of Dungse invented a range of bio based composite materials using cow dung as a raw material. Their material has received a lot of customer validation and they’re currently working with the wildlife industry to make their product line more sustainable with the composites. This SEED Money project aims at conducting a feasibility study on the Dungse composites to refine the materials, test them for numerous properties and find the most promising applications for it. Overall, the aim is to create a consortium including contacts from both countries and create a research and development of Dungse with the final aim of creating a product ready for the market.


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