SMP-17015 | CocoPallet International BV

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Projecttitel: CocoPallet International BV
Projectnummer: SMP-17015
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Land: Indonesië
Looptijd: 2017
Budget: € 40.000
Projectleider: Michiel Vos
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University Research
Projectpartners: CocoPallet, Coconut consultant, GoodHout, MOVI Charcoal Furnaces, Van der Knaap Group.


The coconut palm produces a wide range of food and fibre products. In general coconut oil and copra are main products while husk and shell are only partially used. Husk is removed near the coconut plantations the shell is produced at the coconut processing factories and are often a problematic waste.
Dutch companies have developed and are marketing products made out of husk and also shell, which replaces the use of forest or plantation based wood.

SMEs that want to set-up larger scale production plants need to decide where to site the factory. The SME’s have asked Wageningen UR to make an assessment of a number of locations in Indonesia where such factories could be sited. The assessment would have to first determine the relevant factors for siting such factories and supply chains and then assess and quantify how the locations compare to each other.
The products that will be considered are first coco husk based transportation pallets, and also board and coco peat. For shells we will consider char(coal) and fuel as applications.

The project will  help in setting up local added value initiatives based on underutilised coconut residue and help to form consortium between the local residue supplier(s) and the SMEs. The coconut residue will generally replace wood as feedstock thereby avoiding deforestation or added land use for wood plantations.



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