AF-EU-13030 | Foodmetres

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Projecttitel: Foodmetres
Projectnummer: AF-EU-13030
Kernthema: Consument en Maatschappij
Looptijd: 2013 – 2014
Projectleider: Dirk Wascher
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University & Research


The proposed project ‘Food Planning and Innovation for Sustainable Metropolitan Regions’ (FOODMETRES) thrives to assess both the environmental and the socio-economic impacts of food chains with regard to spatial, logistical and resource dimension of growing food as well as food planning and governance. Recognising that food production and consumption is not only linked via food chains in a physical-logistic way, but above all via value chains in terms of social acceptance, FOODMETRES is designed to combine quantitative and evidence-based research principles. The main goals for the FBR part of the project are:

  • Identify concepts as well as practical examples for food chain innovation in the context of small-scale urban, peri-urban and peri-urban-rural forms of agriculture and food production up to large-scale metropolitan production regimes geared towards feeding urban populations;
  • Study and compare technical, logistical and organisational aspects of innovative food chain systems in selected case studies to define best practice when engaging regional stakeholders from business in sustainable food planning.
  • Supply scenario modeling and impact assessment tools in urban-peri-urban areas to assist with business cases, planning and decision making.


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