AF-16203 | Center for Development of Potato Industry Tanzania

Bert van ReesProject

Projecttitel: Center for Development of Potato Industry Tanzania
: AF-16203
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Looptijd: 2019 – 2022
Budget publiek: €3. 100.000
Budget privaat: € 1.000.000
Projectleider: Jan Kamp
Betrokken partijen: Agrico, Bayer, Europlant, Grimme, Groenoord, Hanse Staalbouw, HZPC, Koppert, Meijer, Wageningen University & Research

The purpose of the proposal is to set-up a Center for Development of Potato industry (CDPIT) in Tanzania. The development of the potato value chain in Tanzania is in its infancy. However there is a vast potential for potato cultivation and a quickly increasing market. The Southern Highland zone in Tanzania is a promising cropping area suitable for potato, 80-90% of all potatoes are grown there. The remaining share is largely grown in the Kilimanjaro region in Arusha 

NL companies are interested to work with this potential. The seed companies are introducing new varieties into the country (variety trials) and are importing basic material. A recent Memorandum of Understanding with the Tanzanian government made this possible, and more collaboration and harmonization of approaches in international context is on the way (UPOV, G2G NL Tanzania project). Recently an LOI was signed between the NL and TZ government on the development of the Center mentioned above. 

The Center chooses for an integral approach towards sector and value chain development, using the latest insights in innovation dynamics (lead farm network), business creation (business cases, incubator, co-innovation)) and acknowledging the learning process (professionals) that has to be intensified to enable the accelerated growth. The collaboration with the private sector both from NL and from the local and international context is key to this development. The NL PPP will collaborate in the Center with the PPP SAGCOT (Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania) potato platform. In this set-up bilateral collaboration is established with on both sides PPP partnerships. This is an ideal setting for developing the potato industry, B2B relations and elaborate an conducive institutional environment.   

Key to enable the accelerated growth is the further professionalization (knowledge, expertise) of the professionals active in the potato value chain, the careful introduction of innovations (new approaches, methods, techniques), the support to lead farms as the pioneers in the field and the support to Tanzanian and Dutch companies developing new business in the potato value chain. In this Center the focus is on the innovations that the Dutch partners can bring in as world expert leaders for potato value chains. The introduction of innovations can be described and managed as business cases when new business can develop from this introduction.  

The program of in total 3,75 million public investment, is intended for a 5 year period to ensure that the targeted impact can be reached. The center contributes to substantially improved potato production on national, regional and farmers scale in Tanzania. The development of the Potato Value chain will create added value, added income for the farmers, (attract) additional investments and boosts economic activity along the chain, enabling existing companies to expand and newcomers to develop new businesses. As well for the Tanzanian and Netherlands companies, establishing along the way sustainable trade relations between the two countries.


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