AF-14267 | Towards a longer lifespan

Bert van ReesProject

Projecttitel: Towards a longer lifespan
Projectnummer: AF-14267
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Looptijd: 2015 – 2016
Budget publiek: € 225.000
Budget privaat: € 225.000
Projectleider: Roselinde Goselink
Betrokken partijen: Cargill Innovation Center, De Graafschap Dierenartsen, Elanco Animal Health, GEA Farm Technologies, Wageningen University & Research

The objective of this programme is “to develop a precision livestock farming programme for individual cow monitoring and individual cow management for the Dutch dairy industry”. Dairy farmers will be supported with tools and protocols for individual precision management of the most important period in the lactation cycle of a dairy cow, the transition period. Through this
programme we aim to improve animal health and welfare in the dairy chain, thus realizing responsible use of antibiotics and an increased dairy cow lifespan.
The research programme will consist of three phases: a desk study, experimental work and a field study. The desk study will result in improved understanding of the pathophysiology of transition disorders by integrating recent scientific outcome in mechanistic models of dairy cow metabolism in the period around calving. This will pinpoint interesting gaps of knowledge in monitoring of cows-at-risk, and options for individual precision support of dairy cows in the transition period.
Next, the hypotheses from the desk study will be investigated in experimental work with dairy cattle in the transition period. New monitoring options and specific individual intervention options
are tested and evaluated. Finally, the results from the desk study and experimental work will be integrated into practice through a field study with veterinary practices and dairy farmers in the Netherlands, to lay the foundation for incorporation of this individual cow health and longevity programme in the dairy sector.

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