SMP-17021 | A new business platform for application of Smart Farming Technology in Thailand

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Projecttitel: A new business platform for application of Smart Farming Technology in Thailand
Projectnummer: SMP-17021
Kernthema: Klimaatneutraal
Land: Thailand
Looptijd: 2017
Budget: € 37.000
Projectleider: Corne Kempenaar
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University Research
Projectpartners: Aerovision, Bayer crop Science, East West Seed, Kasetsart University/ Mitri Pohl, Stichting Akkerweb.


The Thai government is intensively promoting “Thailand 4.0” as a new economic model aimed at pulling Thailand out of the middle-income trap, and developing it as a high-income country. Improving agriculture is an important element in this program. The Thailand 4.0 model will change the country’s traditional farming to smart farming. Traditional SMEs will develop to smart enterprises, and traditional services to high-value services, under the concept of “less for more” rather than “more for less.”

This new economic program with its large commitment of the Thai government, offers relevant new opportunities to Dutch enterprises in the field of Agro-ICT, data management and farming technology. The Thai Ministry of Agriculture has indicated to be interested in a project which explores the opportunities of a new business case on the application of innovative smart farming technology/precision agriculture in Thailand and a role of Dutch enterprises to achieve successes relating to the Thailand 4.0 program. In the meantime, for Dutch companies such exploration is helpful to be able to assess their own business opportunities when getting involved in the smart farming element of Thailand 4.0. Dutch SME companies who expressed interest in the topic and willingness to support the SMP, are AeroVision, Stichting Akkerweb, East West Seeds, Eijkelkamp and Green Energy Technology. Thai/international companies who expressed interest are Bayer, Kubota and Mitr Pohl.



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