Agri & food data management inventory


Data storage, handling and analysis are of increasing importance and competitive advantage for the agro-food business. Data is produced in various formats, volume and velocities. Integration of various data streams will generate unprecedented insights, particularly in the domain of nutrition and health. To leverage such an integrated approach and capture the full value of data, DTL, TKI Agri & Food and TIFN  have joined forces to stimulate proper data handling practices and boost data-driven opportunities for the agrifood business.

In line with a data-driven decision making, DTL partner EdgeLeap has helped to develop a questionnaire. “The questionnaire will serve as a baseline measurement of data practices and needs of the sector. We will analyse the results to get an overview of emerging challenges and opportunities for agro-food business”, explains EdgeLeap’s Marijana Radonjic.

Rolf Bos: “We invite all stakeholders to share their views by taking the survey at The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. The results will be presented at the AgriFoodTop on 1 June 2016. We will present the results in such a way that they are not traceable to individuals or specific companies.” The survey will be open until 9th of May.

Please contact Rolf Bos or Ruben Kok for more information or if you wish to join our discussion about the development of a joint data approach.

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