Projecttitel:  Sustainable solutions for organic Persian limes from Colombia
Projectnummer: SMP-2225
Land: Colombia
Looptijd: 2022
Budget: € 40.000
Projectleider: Ernst Woltering
Kennisinstelling: Wageningen University & Research

This project is focused on improvement of the (existing) value chain of organic lime from Colombia to The Netherlands by implementing new logistic protocols and technology. The project is an initiative of two Colombian farmer cooperations producing organic limes, a Dutch organic fresh produce trading company, five Dutch technology and service providers and Wageningen Research.

Organic lime is still a “niche” product and currently only limited volumes are transported. Due to the non-use of chemical pesticides during cultivation and postharvest, special care should be taken in the logistic chain. Sea transportation is the most preferred way (with respect to costs and CO2 footprint) of transport but due to the long transportation times, outcome may be disappointing. Currently the losses, especially in organic lime distribution, are up to 10-15%.

In this project we will investigate the possibilities to collect products from a variety of larger and smaller organic lime fruit farms in Colombia. We will optimize the logistics and conditioning after harvest and we will investigate novel non-chemical treatments to facilitate the transport over sea to European markets whereby the general European market outlets and potential is also explored within this project. Final aim is to demonstrate, with implementation of new technology, sea transport of mixed loads of organic Persian lime fruit from a variety of (smaller and larger) farms with improved outcome and reduced quality- and product losses. The successful demonstration of new technology offers the opportunity for Dutch technology providers and traders to develop new business.

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