Closing mineral cycles


At the moment, the mineral cycles in agriculture are not closed. Through cattle food and fertilizer extra minerals are added that are subsequently removed through the manure. The closing of these cycles will be a significant step towards the sustainability of the sector and will at the same time create interesting business cases.

How does the project help?
During the project, technology has been designed to produce green manure through bio refining and other processing techniques. By doing this, minerals can be reclaimed and secondary raw materials for the bio-based economy can be claimed.

What has the project achieved?
The project has resulted in a concept where both nitrogen and phosphate can be reclaimed from animal manure. This concept is being developed further in cooperation with the business sector during a follow-up project. A demonstration installation will be built as well.

Project information
Project title: Added value manure and minerals
Project number: AF-12178
Duration: 2013 – 2016
Public budget: € 2,836,000
Private budget: € 3,116,000
Project partners: LLTB, LTO Noord, Wageningen Research, ZLTO

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