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Public debate

The way food is being produced is less a matter of course and is becoming more and more a topic of discussion. There are constant public debates about what we eat and where our food comes from. On the other hand, several surveys show that the agricultural entrepreneur and the sector as a whole are being valued positively. It is of utmost importance to the agri and food sector to keep its “license to operate”.  A bond and communication between the agri and food sector and the public and sustainability of the agri and food sector are of paramount importance here.

The working area Market & Society aims at monitoring social appreciation and the setting up of a dialogue with society.

Monitoring of social appreciation

Every other year, the AgriFoodmonitor is being carried out by Wageningen Economic Research. This monitoring process illustrates the public’s social appreciation of the agri and food sector, explains this and describes developments over time.

Dialogue with society

The agri and food sector has a need for a stronger bond with society. The Dutch AgriFood Week is being organised annually with that in mind. It is a national stage for the agri and food sector where farmers, entrepreneurs from the supplying and processing industry, government, organisations and scientists show how they work on healthy, safe and tasty food which is made with care. The Dutch AgriFood Week is a uniting initiative that uses the strength of existing networks and organisations. To encourage innovation, share knowledge and especially enjoy healthy food.

The Top Sector is also connected to the AgriFood Tech Platform. The AgriFood Tech Platform aims to initiate and increase the social engagement and dialogue about technical applications in agriculture and horticulture and the related processing industry. With that in mind, meetings covering several themes are organised in various parts of the country.

The Top Sector is also connected to the already existing platform Agri Meets Design.  An important element of this platform, where farmers and designers alike, meet and cooperate on social issues, is participation in the Dutch Design Week.

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