Towards a sustainable dairy chain


The dairy industry and dairy farmers want the Dutch dairy sector to be a frontrunner worldwide in sustainability. Through Sustainable Dairy Chain, Dutch dairy companies and dairy farmers strive towards a future-proof and responsible dairy sector.

How does the project help?
The project develops and applies knowledge in the field of climate neutral operations, improved animal welfare, preservation of grazing and preservation of biodiversity and environment.

What has the project achieved?
At the moment, a revenue model for mono fermentation is being developed as well as a calculation module for greenhouse gases, which gives dairy farmers an overview of their production and action perspective how to reduce this. The Energy Scan will give dairy farmers an insight into how to reduce their energy use. The goal of the Sustainable Dairy Chain is for more than 90% of dairy companies to be under the SDa value for antibiotics. In 2015, this goal has been exceeded (99%). The Sustainable Dairy Chain also aims for a rise in the average retirement age of dairy cattle. The thought behind this is the improvement of the hooves, health of the udder and fertility, so that forced retirement will be reduced. In order to score animal welfare, the Welfare Monitor will be implemented into the Cow Compass. This monitor will measure animal welfare on dairy farms in a practical way.

Project information
Project title: Sustainable Dairy Chain
Project number: AF-12123
Duration: 2013 – 2016
Public budget: € 3,783,000
Private budget: € 4,952,000
Project partners: NZO, Arla Foods, Ausnutria Hyproca, Royal A-ware, CONO Kaasmakers, FrieslandCampina, De Graafstroom, Henri Willig, Hochwald, Bel Leerdammer, Rouveen, Vreugdenhil, Yakult, LTO Nederland, Wageningen University & Research

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